Adam Noll

Head of Business Development, Assured Communications Advisors

Adam Noll oversees Business Development for Toptana's CLS/Backhaul network solutions as a service provider on behalf of Assured Communications Advisors. Adam brings over 33 years of telecom experience and adds a depth of optical knowledge on the transmission, design, and deployment disciplines. Adam cut his teeth on optical networking as a field engineer for MCI WorldCom’s, maintaining 600+ sites, in the Mid-Atlantic market.This included provisioning, turning up and testing local and long distant optical circuits. Adam went on to work as Technical Support Engineer deploying networks globally for Fujitsu where he worked on a wide variety of network designs deploying networks for MSO, hyperscalers, long haul networks, and wireless (CRAN) globally. The exposure to different Layer 1, Layer 2 networks started to give him the tools to design and understand the need for robust dark fiber networks. 

The experience Adam gained lead him to start looking at dark fiber needs in the Virginia landscape, his backyard. With the announcement of a new landing station in Virginia Beach, coupled with other global projects positioned Adam to work collaboratively with Joel Ogren, CEO of Assured, over the past 6 years. Adam officially joined the Assured team in 2022 as Executive Director of Business Development over all of Assured’s lines of business. 

Adam resides in Northern VA on 12 acres. Most of Adam’s off time is tending to his 2 young kids, tending to his garden and bees.


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