Tom Doherty

Head of Design & Construction, Assured Communications Advisors

Tom Doherty is in charge of leading the Design & Construction of the CLS/Bachaul network solutions for Toptana Technologies as a service provider on behalf of Assured Communications Advisors.

Tom is a senior executive with more than 35 years of success across the engineering, architectural, construction, and technology industries. He's held various leadership positions with organizations including Verizon Communications and Aligned Data Centers.

Tom has been responsible for many large innovations over the years, such as the planning, design, construction and operations of Verizon’s high growth start-ups including the FiOs and Global Network, Inc. networks, 911 Disaster Recovery, and corporate real estate portfolio management strategies including the sale and relocation of Verizon's corporate headquarters.

Tom built and established the WB Engineering | Consultants’ Washington, DC office , to a $5M in annual revenue entity, the most profitable office in the company. In 2015, Tom was appointed by the Aligned Energy Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer of Aligned Energy Data Centers, a new data center colocation development start-up.

Upon completing his term with Aligned Energy, he founding TFD Consulting, and is currently supporting Assured Communications Advisors. His experience working in high-pressure environments lends ACA the experience of orchestrating strategic partners to deliver high-impact results.

Tom enjoys watching college baseball, spending time with his family in Bethany Beach, and using business euphemisms in his daily communications.

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