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Trans-Pacific Subsea & Pacific Northwest Terrestrial Connectivity

Bringing the first Cable Landing Station to Washington State in over 20 years with backhaul network connectivity from the Olympic Peninsula to Seattle, WA and Hillsboro, OR.


Cable Landing Station & Terrestrial Network Solutions

Our  cable landing station in Washington State  provides diverse, transpacific network capacity from the Pacific Northwest United States to Asia-Pacific  markets. Our new fiber-optic backhaul network enables access from the coast  to the I-5 corridor with onward connectivity to Seattle, WA and Hillsboro,  OR.

WHY Toptana

Highly reliable network solutions

Among the many competitive advantages, Toptana offers route diversity from Oregon & California with minimized risk for community disruption and a more streamlined speed to market. With the help of our trusted industry experts and partners we offer: 

4 cable systems

Open & neutral connectivity

High reliability, availability, and security

Customizable solutions to your needs


ESG - protecting our planet for seven generations to come

At the very heart of our mission is the belief that we are meant to be good stewards of our land and water. From environmental and cultural resource studies to our vision of connectivity for all, we're working every day to use  sovereignty for the greater good of humanity. ESG is not just a buzzy acronym - it's a way of life.

who we are

Connected communities.
Improved lives.
Endless possibilities.

We're an indigenous-owned internet infrastructure and technology company focused on bringing connectivity to unserved and under-served communities through transpacific subsea and terrestrial connectivity.

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This is an incredible opportunity to provide our customers with transpacific subsea and terrestrial connectivity while improving the lives of those in our community. We're excited to be part of the solution.

Tyson johnston, Head of Development, Toptana Technologies