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U.S. to
Subsea Connectivity

Toptana offers transpacific, low-latency access to new and underserved markets. Our open and neutral Cable Landing Station (CLS) offers everything you need to get your data where it needs to go, quickly and securely.

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As the first Cable Landing Station in the State of Washington in over 20 years – we offer modern infrastructure and interconnectivity.

subsea cable vaults;
expansion up to 16
Tier III
uptime standard design
1 MW
power capacity day 1
renewable power
capacity availability
square feet day 1
uptime sla
Olympic peninsula to asia-pacific

New markets, new landing points

Route diversity from the Pacific Northwest of the United States to Asia-Pacific markets.

Why Washington

Everything you need in a Cable Landing Station provider

Many landing stations in the Pacific Northwest are fraught with aging cables, lack of diversity, environmental issues, and community push-back. Toptana offers a highly reliable, highly secure, diverse route from the United States to Asia-Pacific markets.

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Flexible solutions, fast

Customizable deployments that can build to the scale you need, when you need it.

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Edge connection to new markets

Subsea route diversity with micro-data center capacity.

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High reliability, high availability

Designed to Tier III, 100% Uptime standards with modern infrastructure and efficient backhaul interconnection.

The details

Project specifications

Download our spec sheets to learn more.
Guy Capoeman Quinault Indian Nation President

Toptana Technologies will greatly support tribal and non-tribal communities’ ability to access key digital resources at industry standards found in other communities that are increasingly required for healthcare, economic development, education, employment, and more.

Frequently asked questions &


How will the Cable Landing Station be operated and maintained? 

From feasibility and design to construction and operations – we have worked with industry-recognized experts at every step of the process. Assured Communications has decades of ICT experience and will be in charge of day-to-day operations. To learn more about our partnerships, click here.

What makes Toptana unique compared to other subsea network providers?

Toptana is owned by the Quinault Indian Nation. Being one of four tribal nations with coastal land in the U.S., and one of the only feasible locations for a CLS within Washington State, we are uniquely suited to provide new, open-neutral connectivity from the State of Washington to Asia-Pacific markets.

Seattle, WA & Hillsboro, OR interConnection

Backhaul Network

Getting your traffic where it needs to go and offering a redundant route to get there. Explore our terrestrial backhaul solution.

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