terrestrial Solution

Backhaul Interconnection

Connecting to our cable landing station, our backhaul network runs along I-5 offering efficient interconnection from Seattle, Washington to Hillsboro, Oregon ensuring end-to-end subsea & terrestrial architecture.



Our robust fiber optic network offers dark fiber cross connects to major telecom peering points allowing your business to grow and expand into both regional and global markets.

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underground construction
route diversity

Connectivity where you need it most

Creating middle-mile interconnection from two of the most connected hubs on the West Coast, we're proud to offer open and neutral connectivity to meet the growing demands of the digital economy.

Taholah Village Washington
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Project Specifications

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The terrestrial fiber solution Toptana is deploying will have a direct impact on closing the digital divide. The open and neutral network ensures equal access from government to enterprise customers, allowing network upgrades and improved connectivity in areas that currently don't have access.

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Subsea solution

Take a look at our subsea solution that connects to our backhaul network solution.

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