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Working towards a connected world

Toptana  is the only indigenous-owned cable landing station and backhaul network  provider on the West Coast of the  United States. Owned by the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) of the Pacific Northwest, we are focused on bringing connectivity to unserved and under-served markets– starting with our Washington State Cable Landing Station & Backhaul network solutions.

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Our mission

Connected communities. Improved lives. Endless possibilities.

Toptana envisions a world where everyone is connected and empowered with endless possibilities through internet connectivity and technology. Where stories and traditions are preserved, and the quality of life is improved not just by devices, but by the critical infrastructure needed to make vitality possible. A world in which we balance technological progress with the stewardship of our lands and waters—thinking not only of the next generation, but of seven generations to come.

Toptana’s mission is to connect the digitally unconnected and to provide internet access to rural and indigenous communities in Washington State and across the globe. Starting with Washington’s new transpacific cable landing station and backhaul network, Toptana will enable local communities to become connected and create countless possibilities for the people living in these areas. It will also create an environment for positive involvement and advancement in the participation of the tech industry unlike ever before.

Imagine a world where the digital divide doesn’t exist. Where subsea and terrestrial connectivity does more than get your business data from point to point—it changes lives, transforms communities, and preserves cultures for centuries to come.


Meet the Team

Tyson Johnston
Chairman of the Board, Head of Development
Reuven Carlyle
Vice President, Board of Directors
Daniel Ebling
Head of Finance, Treasurer, Board of Directors
Mercy Manning
Member-at-Large, Board of Directors
John Mariano
Member-at-Large, Board of Directors
Joel Ogren
Chief Executive Officer & Business Development, Assured Communications
Brian Dahl
Chief Operating Officer, Assured Communications
Jake Miller
Chief Financial Officer, Assured Communications

Strategic Partnerships

We've partnered with industry experts to ensure the best design, construction, and operations of our solutions.

Assured Communications is our chosen owners rep and service provider managing all aspects of design, construction, sales, and operations.

Mox Networks Logo

Mox Networks is an expert provider of backhaul network solutions helping create backhaul connectivity along I-5  from Hillsboro, OR to Seattle, WA.

Highland Associates Logo

Highland Associates is the architect and engineer of record designing our cable landing station and micro-data center solutions.

48 North Logo

48 North is our environmental consulting partner that has provided rigorous oversight during feasibility, design, and construction to ensure minimal impact to our environment.

Tetra Tech Logo

Tetra Tech is our third-party engineering partner who performs our comprehensive marine surveys to ensure little to no lasting impact on our marine life and fishing industry.

Stell Logo

Stell is our partner for comprehensive historical and natural resource studies to ensure protection and preservation of cultural and historical artifacts.

PBS Logo

PBS is our civil engineering partner for our subsea and terrestrial network solutions.

Campos Engineering Logo

Campos is the partner providing professional MEP engineering services, as well as testing, adjusting and balancing, and commissioning services.

Clark is the experienced building and civil construction firm helping us work through the many details and decisions ahead of breaking ground on our cable landing station.


Community impact

Technology is a key component for this as a conduit and catalyst for economic and social development. In addition to getting our customers data to where it needs to go ,Toptana Technologies was created to positively impact the Quinault Indian Nation, its people, surrounding communities, and other rural/ indigenous areas. Take a look at just some of the ways we plan to give back.

Sustainable economical development

Digital infrastructure is a sustainable industry that aligns with the Quinault Indian Nation’s goals of low environmental impact and developing a healthy local economy for our communities. Toptana Technologies offers a self-sustainable economical model for reinvestment into the Quinault Indian Nation and other rural and indigenous communities.

Quality of life improvements

Access to reliable, high-speed broadband creates personal and professional opportunities such as online learning and education, telemedicine, improved emergency response and power restoration, cultural preservation, e-commerce opportunities, and more.

Education & workforce development

STEAM education and career development programs are immense opportunities we're contributing to in order to bridge the talent gap in the industry and provide diverse career paths for indigenous communities. From data center technicians to software engineers and beyond - we will encourage the education and development of these much needed positions to help the industry keep pace with forecasted growth.

protecting our precious resources

Environmental Stewardship

For us, ESG isn't just a check box–it is an inherent way of working and living for the Quinault Indian Nation for generations. Championing environmental stewardship - ensuring the planet is preserved for generations to come - is at our core. We've scrutinized every detail and taken every precaution to ensure the development and management of Toptana Technologies respects and protects our precious resources.

Forest Icon
Natural Resource Study

Our land is our most precious resource and it holds centuries of invaluable history within it. We've made sure the construction and development of the land is free of cultural artifacts and won't create any lasting impact to our natural resources.

Lighthouse Icon
Offshore Marine Study

Fishing is one of the Quinault Indian Nation's top industries. Our careful research has ensured little to no impact on our marine environment, which will allow local fisheries and marine life populations to continue to thrive.

Green Electricity Icon
100% Carbon-free Power

We're minimizing harmful energy consumption from the start, offering our customers 100% carbon-free power on day one.


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