John Mariano

Member-at-Large, Board of Directors

John Mariano is president of DRG Undersea Consulting. His career spans over 40 years experience in the telecommunications industry, where he has specialized in planning, deployment and operation of undersea fiber systems.

At DRG, John has worked on numerous undersea projects around the globe, including major commercial transoceanic systems and environmental sensor networks. Prior to joining DRG, John served as COO of a California coast subsea system Global Photon Inc. He also spent over 20 years of his career at AT&T, AT&T Bell Laboratories and Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd., where John was responsible for a variety of technical and business developments, including new applications and marine deployment of undersea system technology for commercial systems as well as for serving offshore platform networks. 

John obtained a BSCE from the University of Connecticut and MS in Applied Mechanics from Stanford University. 

As a valued member of Toptana Technologies’ Board of Directors, John brings wisdom from his deep industry knowledge and familiarity with subsea infrastructure to help set a winning strategy for the company and our customers.


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