Brian Dahl

Executive Vice President of Operations, Assured Communications Advisors

Brian has over 25 years of technology industry experience across a breadth of IT and infrastructure services in public and private sectors. He has applied global leadership skills as a business executive, strategic advisor, technical leader, and entrepreneurial business owner.

•As CEO, Brian delivered 60,000 seat enterprise infrastructure and migration programs at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)and Fortune 100 companies including IBM, DXC, and GDIT

•Managed $150M portfolio of strategic investments, SaaS applications, supply chain management, ePMO, and M&A due diligence and integrations

•Managed 24x7x365 service operations centers for mission critical hybrid infrastructures, applications, and facilities

•Expertise and certifications in resource management, business relationships, technical solution architecture, Lean SixSigma processes, and PgMP practices

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