Reuven Carlyle

Vice President, Board of Directors

Reuven Carlyle is a technology entrepreneur, climate and sustainability consultant and a state senator. He has served in business development, public policy, corporate strategy and/or board of director roles with a number of companies including McCaw Cellular Communications (Acquired by AT&T Wireless Services), Xypoint Corp. (Acquired by TCS, Inc.), Synapse Product Development, (Acquired by Capgemini Invent), Twisted Pair Solutions (Acquired by Motorola), PointB and others.

Reuven is also an elected member of the Washington State Senate, where he is chair of the Environment, Energy & Technology Committee. Within this civic role, Reuven helped architect the state’s climate strategy, alongside Gov. Jay Inslee and Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon. Under their leadership, Washington State passed among the strongest climate policies in the nation with commitments to net zero, science-based targets and Paris Agreement and the public policy framework to reach their 2050 goals. He has also helped design the state’s greenest transportation package in history. Reuven was selected to represent the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators at the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow at COP26. 

In addition to climate action, water quality, plastics and other environmental issues, Reuven’s committee leads Washington State’s policies on broadband deployment, net neutrality, state information technology, cybersecurity, privacy, data centers, and more. 

Reuven’s unique range, which includes decades of experience in both business and environmentally focused public policy, is a substantial asset to the Board of Toptana Technologies, where his perspective and skills will help shape company strategy through an environmentally responsible lens.

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